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An innovative mobile EdTech game development company that empowers children to play, learn, and create
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Rooplay OTT Platform

  • Rooplay is the educational games platform for kids that empowers children to play, learn and create.
  • Like Netflix, Rooplay is a subscription system with no advertising of any kind.
  • For kids, Rooplay fuels play, challenges them to engage, and prepares them to succeed.
  • For parents, Rooplay provides peace of mind as the system is curated for quality and free of ads, violence, and profanity.

Rooplay Original

Garfield Math Bingo

Learning Games that Inspire

“We at Rooplay, believe in inspiring today’s children for their futures – it shapes every- thing we do, from how we behave to the products and services we create”.

Rooplay Original

Little Miss Inventor Code Garden

Rooplay is for every skill level

Challenge your child and watch them progress

Rooplay Original

Moomin Sight Words

Get In touch!

For information or requests about Rooplay please contact us here. Thank you.